Mixed/Designer Breed Puppies for Sale


Litter of Chiweenies

Born: 3/11

Ready at 9 weeks: 5/13

Sire: Long-haired Miniature Dachshund

Dam: Short-haired Chihuahua

Princess (F) - $1000* - will be shorter-haired, possibly not 'true' short-haired

*Plus tax for IA residents


Litter of Bichonpoos/Poochons

Born: 3/31

Ready at 8 weeks: 5/26

Sire: 10 1/2 lb Poodle

Dam: 9 lb Bichon Frise

Sabrina (F) - $2500*

Skyler (M) - $2200*

Scotty (M) - RESERVED

*Plus tax for IA residents

bichonpoos color.jpg

Past Bichonpoo puppy that was black at 6 weeks old - faded to gray when got older