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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are in Struble in Northwest Iowa. (We also can safely ship!) We are roughly 2 hrs north of Omaha, 3 1/2 hrs NW of Des Moines, 1 1/2 hrs SE of Sioux Falls, and 4 hrs south of the Twin Cities.

When can I bring a puppy home?

Puppies cannot leave until 8 weeks of age on the dot. Sorry, they cannot go home at 7 weeks and 6 days old, it has to be a full 8 weeks. This is both legally required and also gives the puppies the right amount of time to learn social skills from their mom! If we feel a pup needs more time, it may be later than 8 weeks.

Can I come visit the puppies to pick one out in person?

Yes, once they have turned 4-5 weeks old and are starting to toddle around and also have gotten their first shots, we then allow people to come see them in person. Please contact us to make an appointment for this.

What food will my puppy be eating?

By 8 weeks, puppies will be fully weaned and eating dry food - Taste of the Wild "High Praire" Bison and Venison flavor puppy food. Here is a link to see where it is sold in your zip code:  They will go home with a sample pack of it, so you can mix a new brand into it if you prefer a different brand.

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we have a health guarantee until the puppy turns 1 year old, against life threatening genetic issues. Puppies will be vet checked by our vet around 7 weeks old before they go home.

What shots will my puppy come home with?

All puppies will have their first shots and dewormings by 8 weeks. This includes shots against parvo, kennel cough, canine distemper, and more. You will need to finish up the series of shots at your vet after 8 weeks.

How does shipping a puppy work?

You can either have a puppy flown via cargo (except Shih Tzus and Shih Tzu mixes), which is climate controlled and safe, or you can have an in-flight puppy nanny deliver the puppy to your airport. Shih Tzus and Shih Tzu mixes have to go with a puppy nanny due to new airline regulations. Contact us for current costs on these. We also have customers fly into our local airport to take the puppy back themselves, this is just whatever your flights cost you.

How does Royal Dutch Puppies go the extra mile for puppies?

We give our puppies the best start possible in life, starting with early neural stimulation (lessens anxiety, pups are more active and exploratory ). The puppies also are socialized with young children and other small breed puppies. We also add probiotics to their diets to ensure optimal gut health. Even after breeding for over 40 years, we get continuing education credits by going to classes taught by vets and experts to make sure we are up to date on everything!

How are the parent dogs treated?

All our dogs are very well taken care of! They have special pens where they can choose either to stay inside, where it is heated or cooled to 72 degrees year-round, or go into the outside portion to take in some fresh air! They also get daily playtime in a fenced-in grassy backyard when weather is appropriate and have an indoor run area as well. They are vet checked at least once a year and if they have any problems, they are taken in to the vet right away. We have a strict grooming and cleaning schedule. As we are USDA licensed, we are subject to surprise inspections at least once a year and the inspectors are always pleasantly surprised at how friendly and happy the dogs are!

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