Is shipping included in the price of the puppy?

No, shipping is not included. Free local pickup in Northwest Iowa is available. For other cities in Iowa and surrounding states like South Dakota, Nebraska, or Minnesota, please contact us to see if delivery to you or meeting halfway is possible and to get a quote on it as we do charge per mile for that. We also have experience shipping puppies via plane nationwide to your nearest large airport. However, due to new regulations we can no longer fly out Shih Tzus or Cavalier King Charles, or any mixed breeds with a parent who is a Shih Tzu or Cavalier. We may be able to ground ship or meet you at the airport so you can take the puppy back in the cabin with you. For our other breeds that can still fly out, at the moment flights and shipping expenses total around $475 (subject to change). We prefer to ship United as they have temperature controlled environments for the dogs. 

What kind of health guarantees do you have?

We offer a one year health guarantee on all puppies against life-threatening genetic defects. Things like worms or coccidia are not covered as they are easily treated and/or owner management issues. To uphold the guarantee you must take the puppy to your local vet within 48 business hours after purchase and then return paperwork from your vet confirming the puppy is in good health. If you wish, contact us for a full copy of the health guarantee with all terms.

Are the puppies registered purebreds and if so, with what organization?

All of our parent dogs are registered with APRI (America's Pet Registry, Inc), and some are also registered with AKC so depending on who the parents of a litter are AKC registration may be possible. At this time we are selling all puppies as pet only - i.e. not offering purebred puppies with papers, or only to approved breeding homes upon request, for an additional fee. If you will be a pet home and absolutely need registration papers on purebred puppies, we can often provide APRI papers upon receipt of spay/neuter proof on your vet's letterhead if previously discussed. We do not register mixed breed puppies.

When can I come to pick up the puppy or when can it be shipped?

Puppies can almost always leave at 8 weeks but never before. That means no, unfortunately you cannot pick the puppy up at 7 weeks and 6 days old. Also if you are unable to pick up the puppy or have it shipped by 9 weeks there will be a small boarding charge for extra care and possibly extra shots the puppy would then need, depending on time frame. 

What mixed breed puppies can/do you sell?

Teddy Bears, Bichon X Shih Tzu; Chiweenies, Dachshund X Chihuahua; Cavachons, Bichon X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Cavapoos, Bichon x Miniature Poodle, Poochons, Bichon x Miniature Poodle, Pomapoos, Pomeranian x Poodle, Shihpoos, Shih Tzu x Poodle. We do not necessarily have litters of these all regularly. 

How can I reserve a puppy?

Please contact us stating your wish to reserve a puppy and we can help you process a $400 nonrefundable deposit towards the price of the puppy. This can be sent via PayPal to our email address, with credit/debit card through PayPal guest checkout, or you can mail a check or money order. Contact us for that address and to let us know to watch for it!

What payment methods do you accept?

If picking up in person in Northwest Iowa, cash is preferred. We can also accept a PayPal payment to our email address Credit/debit cards can also be used. We will take a check or money order as well but it must be received and cashed before pickup of the puppy. 

Can we come to meet the puppy before deciding to buy or reserve one?

Definitely. Just let us know ideally a day or two in advance and an appointment can be made for you to come and meet and play with the puppy.

What brand of solid food will the puppy be on?

All the puppies will be eating Taste of the Wild "High Prairie" Bison and Venison - Small Breed Puppy food. We will provide a small sample pack upon pickup so you can use it to slowly mix in a new brand of food if you want to switch brands. If you want to get more of this Taste of the Wild food, here is a link to their website where you can type in your zip code to find what stores in your area sell it:

Are you USDA licensed?

Yes, we are USDA licensed and the federal inspector comes for surprise inspections to ensure the dogs are being treated well, like they do for everyone. 

Are you a 'puppy mill'?

No, we are a small family-owned kennel. All our dogs and puppies get playtime to run in a grassy backyard if the weather is appropriate and another indoors play area for cold weather. The kennel is heated and air-conditioned to maintain a temperature of 72 degrees year-round. The dogs are kept in pens that are 3 to 4 times the size required by federal regulations and they are indoor/outdoor pens so the dogs can choose to go outside in the fresh air whenever they want. Any dog that may be sick or hurt is taken to the vet. Retired breeding dogs are found homes as pets. The owner, Jan, goes to the kennel twice a day to interact with the dogs, feed them, and clean - in fact, federal inspectors are always highly impressed with how well-behaved, friendly, and clean the dogs are. If you have any other questions about the care of the dogs, contact us.

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