Royal Dutch Puppies

Quality Purebred and Designer/Mixed Breed Puppies since 1976

By Le Mars, Iowa


Keeping it in the family, Jan's son Troy sometimes helps take care of the dogs and puppies. Even though he isn't an owner (yet?), he is a pro at cleaning and taking pictures of the adorable puppies.


Jan's daughter-in-law, Elisa, takes and edits pictures of puppies. She runs the website and keeps it updated, as well as answering emails and phone calls about the puppies from ads that she has placed.

About the Owner (And Family)


A true dog lover at heart, Jan formally took over the business from her mother in 2003 after decades of working together. She has been devotedly taking care of dogs and breeding them since 1976. With her 40 years of experience in the industry, she is a wealth of knowledge about dogs. Inspectors are always highly impressed by how clean Jan keeps the kennel and the friendliness and good behavior of her dogs.